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12 Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

Sometimes being tall is a struggle, whether it’s your heels that make you the height of a professional basketball player, guys who come to your shoulder, or the perpetual squat you hold to talk to people. However being tall can be a plus that many would die for!

Anyway, ask any tall girl, and she will tell you that she has to deal with some stupid questions like everyday! Keep scrolling to see if you (or any of your tall friends) have ever experienced any of these things!

1. “Do you play basketball?” You know, being tall doesn’t give you athletic abilities.

2. “Can you reach that up there?” Yeah, I can. Can you?

3. “How tall are you?!?” How short are you?

4. “You’re blocking my view.” I am the view.

5. “You’re so tall!” No way!

6. “How do you find pants long enough?!” IT’S A REAL STRUGGLE.

7. “Are your parents tall?” Umm No, they’re hobbits

8. “Are you a model?” Yeah a “MODEL CITIZEN” .

9. “Your legs are so long!” Wait, really?? I’d never noticed.

10. “You make me feel short!” That’s probably because you are short.

11. “Share some of the height!” Hold on, lemme just chop off my legs real quick.

12. “Do you actually like being this tall?” I love everything about being me.

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