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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Hijabi

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Wearing hijab is a part of Islam, but whether or not a Muslim person decides to adhere by it, well, that ain’t yo’ business. Some Muslim women wear a hijab, some Muslim women get weekly blow-outs and flip their hair all over the place. 

With great hijab comes great responsibility — and a tons of uncomfortable situations and misconceptions. And yes, there is a difference between genuine curiosity and obnoxious ignorance. I encourage the former.

Below are some crazy questions and sentences people tell women with hijab all over the world and it’s just so hard not to reply ironically to these question. Have you ever experienced one of these or maybe something even funnier, feel free to share your experience below.

1 “Do you shower in it?”

Yes. In fact, we don’t even wash our hair. We only wash our hijabs. Some of us were even born with it.

2 “Do you wear it all the time?”

Yes. Even when I’m by myself, in my own house, I wear it. You know, for fun.

3 “Do you have to wear it…forever?”

Well, I don’t get to randomly take it off when I turn 40.


4 “If I see your hair, does that mean we have to get married?” 

Yes, let’s go right now. Las Vegas it is.

5 “Who is allowed to see your hair?” 

No one. Not even me.

6 “Do you have hair underneath?”

 No, I am completely bald. I shave my head once a month.

7 “You’re so lucky you don’t have bad hair days!” 

I’d just like to point out that bad hijab days exist, too They are the exact same as bad hair days. And even when you’re having a supposedly “good” hijab day, the wind always manages to mess the shit up for you.

“Oh your friend is Muslim? So why doesn’t she wear the headscarf too?”

Maybe because that’s a personal decision she has made and it’s meant to stay between her and God? Also, how does this answer affect your life in any way? Keep scrolling.

9 “Do you get hot in the summer?”

No. Never. The minute you put on the hijab, you are no longer a mammal. OF COURSE IT GETS HOT. Hijab is all about da struggle. It’s not meant to be easy.

10 “At least in winter you don’t have to worry about wearing a hat.”

Actually, yeah, that is pretty nice. 



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