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10 Fun Facts About Hijabis Girls

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago   ·  

If you are a hijabi you will relate to this article, because below is a list of some real fun facts about us, our thoughts and simply our daily moments.


N°1 We can’t buy a new outfit until we’ve found a hijab to match.

N°2 Despite owning millions of hijabs, we wear our favourite five all the time.

N°3 Getting home is one of the biggest highlights of the day. Taking off your hijabs is a glorious moment.

N°4 We watch all hijab tutorials on YouTube.

N°5 we sometimes take forever to open the door, We’re just faffing around looking for a blanket to cover our heads.

N°6 Our hijabs act like a pair of ear muffs, which means we sometimes can’t hear you.

N°7 If we drop our lunch, it ends up in our hijab.

N°8 Despite popular belief, our hijabs don’t act as umbrellas. We get just as wet as the rest of you.

N°9 The wind is not our friend.

N°10 We’re really proud of our choice.


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